Eni Rewind is Eni’s environmental company. We are engaged in the sustainable remediation of all Eni sites through integrated projects.

We manage and process reclamation/industrial waste and water with innovative technologies. In harmony with the principles of the circular economy, regeneration and recovery of soil, water and waste resources is a priority in all our activities.

We also develop and build the plants that transform, thanks to Eni’s proprietary Waste to Fuel technology, the organic fraction of municipal solid waste into bio oil, while also recovering the water naturally contained in wet waste. Eni Rewind operates in more than 200 work sites and employs over 1000 persons.

Piazza Boldrini, 1 - 20097 San Donato Milanese (MI)

Tel. +39 02.5201

Website: https://www.eni.com/enirewind/it-IT/home.html

Pec: enirewind@pec.enirewind.com