The Industrial Consortium Lucano (hereinafter referred to as C.I.L.) was born in 2009 from the union of companies operating in different sectors, each with proven experience in its field, to provide knowledge and skills through the provision of goods and services to companies operating in petrochemical and industrial sectors.

The activities offered are: civil engineering, industrial, piping and electrical instrumentation; drilling and workover rigs; installations treatment of process water; wastewater treatment plants; geological surveys; mechanical assembly and maintenance; industrial/ residential buildings; drilling; micropiles, electrical, instrumental and automation; precision mechanics; collection, transport, disposal of special and hazardous liquid waste, cleaning up/commissioning safety of contaminated sites with attached environmental restoration; fire industrial supply, fire extinguishers, technical gases, valves, seals, filters, chemicals, general petrochemical industrial supply.

C.I.L. is certified for quality companies according to ISO 9001: 2008 from 2011.

Viale della Rinascita snc - 85059 Viggiano (PZ)

Tel. +39 393.8043930 – 338.8328040

Email: info@consorzioindustrialelucano.com

Website: https://www.consorzioindustrialelucano.com/it

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