Sibelco group provides his clients with a large amount of industrial minerals and a professional service of logistics and distribution.

Sibelco products and services address to glass, ceramics, construction/furniture, agriculture and steel industry. Sibelco minerals find a large application as well in the production of plastic products, varnish, water treatment, terrain preparation for golf, tennis, football and riding.

Sibelco activities in Italy develop through nine productive plants: quarries, mines and sands treatment plants.

The Group develops technologies for waste and raw material recycling in order to optimize products life cycle. It is also deeply engaged in ceramics R&D with the latest construction of an import multi-minerals platform at Ravenna port and the technological laboratory providing support for tiles industry.

Sibelco is fully committed into the improvements of working conditions and safety and into environmental protection and landscape restoration.

Via Fabio Filzi, 25/a - 20124 Milano

Tel. +39 02.6771351