The Company has been established since the 1930s working as civil building contractor. After the end of the Second World War, Furia got a substantial growth as building contractor especially applied on hardware constructions for exploitation of energy sources.

In the Nineties an environment branch started in order to develop remediation of polluted sites and industrial wastes treatment, that became the aim and core business of the Company within the other fields of activity.

Nowadays, Furia operates as a solid industrial group involved in Italy and abroad in the fields of building, energy resources exploitation and environmental conservation and management.

Not surprisingly, the Company owns and operates a treatment plant and waste recovery and carries out transportation of hazardous and non-hazardous waste. Furthermore, it performs the remediation of contaminated sites and/or of goods containing asbestos, the demolition of installations and realizes various construction works (eg workstation wells) with the aid of its own site means.

Via G. Cardano, 35 - 43036 Fidenza (PR)

Tel. +39 0524.516611

Email: info@furiasrl.it

Website: https://www.furiasrl.it/