The combination of more than 50 years of experience and knowledge in the mechanical, hydraulic, electrical and electronic fields enable F.lli Righini to design, fabricate and assemble machinery and equipment for the following sectors in the offshore Oil&Gas industry:

  • Pipe lay equipments.
  • Pipe handling equipments.
  • Umbilical cable – flexible pipe lay systems including storage carousels and tensioning equipments.
  • FPSO mooring systems.
  • FPSO pulling rig for steel catenary riser.
  • Rotary winches.
  • Wire and chain linear winches.
  • Pipe handling davits.
  • Internal and external lifting tool for pile lifting.
  • Friction clamps for Tie-in and sealine J-lay.
  • Tranching machines.

The Company is also very active in overhauling, reconditioning of all these equipments.

Via Manlio Travaglini, 21 - 48122 Ravenna

Tel. +39 0544.420129

Email: info@righiniravenna.it

Website: https://www.righiniravenna.it/