Estabilished in 1997, Criscuolo Eco-Petrol Service Srl belongs to Criscuolo Group. It is based in Viggiano (PZ) and operates in the field of environmental services and logistics by doing the following activities:

Special waste management. CEPS is a member of “Albo Nazionale dei Gestori Rifiuti” (National Register of Waste Manager Companies) and is authorized for collection and transport of hazardous and not hazardous special waste.

Storage. Loading, unloading, moving of goods, mainly chemical products and equipment by using its warehouses and outdoor area.

Transport. CEPS is a member of “Albo Nazionale dei Trasportatori” (National Register of Carrier) and is authorized for national transport of goods, mainly chemical products, and equipments.

Consulting. CEPS gives its clients a service of environment and special waste consulting.

C.da Cembrina, Z.I. - 85059 Viggiano (PZ)

Tel. +39 0975.350940 – 0975.350957