BNG, established in 1987, has a thirty years experience in the environmental sector, in design, characterization, remediation of industrial sites and/or decommissioned, land reclamation, waste recycling environmental emergency, water and sludge treatment.

The Company works in oil prospecting also with mobile treatment and in environmental rollbacks with hydraulic-forest accommodation, as well as works by “decomissioning” industrial installations and pipelines.

BNG also works in the construction sector by earthmoving, construction of roads and squares, civil and industrial buildings.

It comes with certificate of qualification to the execution of public works for categories:

  • OG3 Class. IV
  • OG12 Class. VI

and of qualification to provide design and construction until the 8th ranking.

Certification of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004, OHSAS 18001:2007.

It is registered in the National Register Environmental Managers–Regional Section of Basilicata (registration No. PZ000254) in the cat.1F, cat.4C, cat.5E, cat.8B and cat.9A. It is also entered in the register of drivers of things on behalf of third parties.

S.S. 407 Basentana Km 68 - 75013 B.M. Ferrandina (MT)

Tel. +39 0835.757012-15