Bonassisa Drilling Company (BDC) was set up in 2007, following the sale by Bonassisa sas, marker leader since 1960, of a company’s division primarily involved in hydrocarbons and energy services.

The Company operates, in Italy and in Mediterranean area, in the oil, gas, geothermal and water industries, as well as in civil infrastructure and environmental protection.

Bonassisa’s experiences and know-how have been a big advantage for BDC in the Exploration & Production sector, reinforcing its leadership.

BDC continues to operate according to the highest technological standards whilst strictly respecting the environment thanks to a certified quality-enviroment integrated system (ISO 9001 – ISO 14001).

BDC counts, among its customers, the major Oil and Gas Companies providing both onshore and offshore services. Over the years, the Company has refined its know-how in the oil sector through the acquisition of important international contracts with many customers in different geographical area, supporting the internazionalization of BDC.

Viale degli Aviatori, 75 - 71122 Foggia

Tel. +39 0881.610266