3V Green Eagle was developed 15 years ago within 3V group, which has almost 60 years of experience in sophisticated chemical production, advanced chemical engineering and manufacturing process systems & equipment.

In particular, 3V Green Eagle provides environmental solutions for the Oil&Gas Industry, focusing on both upstream and downstream applications, as:

  • Oil & solvent recovery (thermal separation).
  • Mud drillings treatment (grain-size and thermal separation).
  • Shale Oil & Shale Gas produced water treatment (wet oxidation and thermal separation).
  • Environmental remediation (soil washing, pyrolysis, thermal separation, wet oxidation).

Experience on thermal separation relates to 3V MABO, a company of 3V group, which has been operating in thermal separation technologies for more than 40 years. 3V Green Eagle operates the largest treatment center in Italy for Industrial wastewater and sludge. TOP and Dual TOP technologies are recognized as “Best Available Technique” (BAT) by EU–IPPC Commission.

Piazza Libertà, 10 - 20121 Bergamo

Tel. +39 035.0761411

Email: info@3vgreeneagle.com

Website: https://www.3vgreeneagle.com/it