Riding the Digital transformation and the Environmental transition: the key features of the Italian oil&gas value chain


The workshop provided an in-depth view on the numerous actions that the Italian oil&gas value chain, represented by Assomineraria, is developing in order to maintain its international leadership.

Special focus were dedicated to the areas of Environmental monitoring and performance, Circular Economy, Technological innovation and Digital transformation.


Digitalization & Agreement

Silvia Stefanelli, Studio Stefanelli

Going digital in Eni environmental companies

Michele Fabio Troni, Alessandro Petri, Syndial

Sustainable design with the Envision Protocol

Paola Gigli, Giovanni Ranza STANTEC

CO2 recovery plant in Rosignano: Environment and Industry synergism

Giuseppe Gamba, SIAD Group



Sergio Polito, Vice President Assomineraria – Equipment & Services