Assorisorse is the Italian Sustainable Energy & Resources Industry Association comprising the companies of the Energy value chain committed to enhancing natural resources and intellectual skills through technological innovation, carbon neutrality and circular economy. The mission is to decarbonize hard-to-abate industrial processes and promote the environmental, economic and social sustainability.

The Association includes Italian and international companies that operate in the extraction of solid minerals, in the exploration and production of oil and gas, as well as geothermal fluids, natural gas storage, and in the provision of equipment and services for the oil and gas industries to both the Italian and international markets.

Assorisorse is part of Confindustria and is organized into four sectors: Mining, Subsurface Energy Resources, Services, Carbon Neutrality & Circular Economy.

The association supports the position of member companies in their relations with both policymakers and key stakeholders. It is committed to the constant monitoring and engagement of authorities at local, national and European levels with respect to their legislative and regulatory efforts. It collaborates with the various national and international bodies to achieve synergies that can benefit member operations and enhance the activity of its four sectors.

Mining Sector

Companies in the Mining sector extract a wide range of solid minerals that are used as raw materials or additives in industrial production.
For the provisioning of these minerals, it is essential to have clear, predictable legislative frameworks to support competitiveness and ensure policies that promote a sustainable use of the subsoil. In addition to maintaining and defending the legislative framework concerning the licensing system, this sector is committed to increasing awareness of the importance of industrial minerals in our daily lives and for the economy, as well as to promoting greater awareness of the safety levels and environmental sustainability of these activities.

Subsurface Energy Resources Sector

Companies within the Hydrocarbons & Geothermal sector are engaged in making oil and natural gas reserves on land and at sea available for use, in taking advantage of Italy’s geothermal fluids, and in developing and managing natural gas storage capacities. In addition to the industry’s impact in terms of energy safety, tax revenues, and employment, Assorisorse studies have clearly shown that the activities of the oil and gas industry are environmentally sustainable, are integrated with the other local economic activities, and feature safety standards that are ten times higher than the average of Italian manufacturing industry as a whole.

Services Sector

Companies in the Services sector boast extremely high levels of professional experience and highly competitive standards of technology.
These companies are fully capable of contributing to the execution of energy investment programs in Italy and of taking advantage of opportunities offered by the international demand for equipment and services resulting from major investment projects around the world.

Carbon Neutrality & Circular Economy Sector

It includes companies, operators, investors and analysts who have implemented projects with zero or positive impact on the climate and who concretely intend to guide the energy transition in Italy and abroad, anticipating the objectives of Carbon Neutrality established at EU level.

Assorisorse is a member of the UN Global Compact and the founder of OMC-Med Energy Conference, the major annual event of the Mediterranean area.

The Association is also developing internationalization strategies which can facilitate member companies in their relations with local stakeholders in producing countries.

Assorisorse promotes the association’s activities by means of studies, conferences, seminars and workshops on topics of interest to its members as well as through its collaboration or involvement with national and international bodies, such as Confindustria Energia in Italy and the Industrial Minerals Association (IMA-Europe), for initiatives related to energy and environmental policy.

The association plays a role in union representation for the national collective contract for the mining industry. One of Assorisorse’s main strengths is its focus on jobs and employment, since it represents 20,000 workers at production sites alone.

The efforts of member companies in Italy, including significant investment and constant technological innovation, have led to the development of underground resources of great strategic and economic importance. Internationalization, digitalization, and legislative compliance, particularly with regard to the environment, efficient investments, community relations, and the development of the value chain are all issues at the heart of projects promoted by the association.

Finally, strong emphasis is placed on education and training for the highly specialized positions needed within the industry. Among its activities, the association features the ASSOIL School, based in Basilicata, for technical and career training.