SILVER Srl con unico socio


Silver, a company with 9 employees entirely controlled by Verallia Italia S.p.A., extracts from its mine around 80.000 tons a year of:

  • Silica sands for the production of glass food containers.
  • Granulated materials and silica sands for industrial uses related to abrasive materials, mortars for building, industrial filtration, foundries.
  • Dry and wet ventilated for ceramic mixture and abrasive materials.

The exploitation of the deposit aims at minimizing the environmental impact and at restoring the previous mining areas in an optimal manner; the processing conditions applied allow to process the extracted material in the best way possible.

Silver complies with the Behavioural Principles drawn up by the Companies of Verallia. On the one hand: professional engagement, respect for the people, integrity, loyalty and solidarity; on the other hand: respect for the law, the environment, the health and safety in the work places and for the rights of the employees.

Località Tetti Filibert - 12019 Vernante (CN)

Tel. +39 0171.920146