The Rete Geotermica (Geothermal Network) is an association of companies which arises from the desire of some operators, holders of research permits, to create a supply chain able to enhance the geothermal resource widely present in the national territory, and especially in the Tuscany Region.
The inspiring principle is the enhancement of this resource as a thrust to the socio-economic development of the territories concerned.
The environmental sustainability of this development is guaranteed by the presence, within the Rete Geotermica, of national industrial entities capable of supporting the supply chain with the necessary skills to develop innovative technologies, such as to reduce as far as possible the environmental impacts deriving from geo-thermoelectric installations.
The union of sector operators and industrial groups has made possible the creation of a network with a complete know-how for the correct management of all activities related to the geothermal sector, from the phase of the analysis of the resource, to the design and management of the power plant.
Companies participating in the Rete Geotermica:
Graziella Green Power – Tosco Geo – Magma Energy – Sorgenia Geothermal – Renewem – Exergy – Sintecnica IdroGeo Service – Turboden – Schlumberger Italia – Isolver – Petreven – Geothermics Italy – Genergy – Svolta Geotermica



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