The Italfluid group is leader in the upstream oil industry in Italy for about 50 years.

Created by Prof. Guido Soavi, Manager of Montecatini and Professor of oilfields techniques at the University of Genoa, he has also carried out projects in complex areas, combining methods and advanced technologies. Italfluid offers a flexible integrated service, able to realize, with targeted solutions, modular and expandable plants, which allow to start quickly the production in the oilfields, in accordance with the highest international standards.

Thanks to the support of the internal engineering and construction departments, and to the experience on the construction site, the equipment design and process plants made in our own workshops is optimized, and installed on site according to customer needs.

Italfluid operates in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the Caspian Sea, with 14 permanent offices and workshops in 8 countries:

  • Production services, Early Production and onshore/ offshore oil and gas treatment plants.
  • Construction of gas compression and dehydration plants.
  • Construction of water treatment plants.
  • Multiphase pumps.
  • Well Testing.
  • Coiled Tubing.
  • Pipe-line.
  • Key service.
  • Slick Line.
  • Equipment design and construction.

Zona Industriale di Notaresco SP 553 per Atri - 64024 Notaresco (TE)

Tel. +39 085.898891



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