IMI Fabi was founded in the early 1950s when the Company was granted the first mining rights in Valmalenco.

Today IMI Fabi is market leader in the talc mining sector operating worldwide: two mines and plants in the Northern Italian Alps and three in Sardinia, Mount Seabrook mine in Australia and two plants in the USA.

In Asia it has its regional HQ in Singapore and Aihai-IMI JVC, a joint-venture representing one of the largest talc producers in China.

The Company also operates in Pakistan through another joint-venture, IMI-Omar and in South America with two mines, a production site and a Sales & Marketing office located in Brazil. Finally, IMI Fabi is also active in Belgium with a production site.

Its success on the international stage has been due not only to a successful market strategy, but also to its development of polymer technology in the field of industrial plastics.

Customer satisfaction remains the Company’s prime objective and drives its policy of assuring quality as well as respect for the environment and safety.

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