Icaro Ecology has been operating since 1999 in the field of civil and industrial construction and environmental reclamation with innovative methods in full respect of heritage protection. Characterized by a rational and efficient management, it makes use of qualified resources and the experience of technicians in the sector. Icaro Ecology is characterized by great dynamism and propensity for partnerships. These characteristics have allowed an increase in orders and collaborations at national and international level. Innovation and continuous search for new technical and organizational solutions are essential elements of the company policy: it meets the requirements of our customers through innovative, simple and effective services, aiming at continuous growth in terms of human and economic resources.

The Vision of Icaro Ecology is based on three fundamental concepts: Quality, Environment and Safety. Reducing the impact of activities on the surrounding environment and the risks related to carrying them out are fundamental objectives on which the Company’s organization is focused. Icaro Ecology believes in the idea that an efficient company, which operates with contemporary logics not devoted exclusively to profit and partisan interest, can give the territory the right enhancement.


Via Generale Cascino, 2 - 93012 Gela (CL)

Tel. +39 0933 918827

Email: info@icaroecology.it

Website: http://www.icaroecology.com/