Eurotherm®, a premier provider of temperature, power and process control, measurement and data management equipment, systems, software and services for global industrial markets. In 2022, it was acquired by Watlow® which, since 1922, strives to be the leading provider of heating process solutions for the most demanding applications in the world market. Watlow thermal systems are ideally suited for vital applications such as clean and environmentally-friendly energy systems and processes.

Companies in different industries have been taking bold steps to reduce their carbon footprint. The overall strategy of these companies is to tackle carbon emissions not only through alternative energy investment and increased efficiency, but also through converting key industrial processes (like process heating) to electric (rather than fuel-fired). Electric heat exchangers play a key role in these strategies.

Watlow electric heaters enjoy advanced fluid dynamics, Continuous Helical Flow Technology, higher watt densities and are now combined with best-in-class control systems which play a crucial role for the safety and for the longevity of the heater.

Watlow holds more than 1,100 patents and employs 6,000 team members working in 12 manufacturing facilities and five advanced technology and development centers in the United States, Mexico, Europe and Asia. Watlow covers 95 countries through sales and distribution offices around the world.

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