CO.E.M.I. Srl


CO.E.M.I., owned by Fabbri family, operates over 30 years in naval and maintenance service, both in offshore & onshore, mechanical & construction, electrical and electronic equipment.
The Company is specialized in the construction and assembly of equipment and systems in the following segments of offshore Oil&Gas:
• Equipment for pipes launching with system S and J.
• Equipment for pipes handling.
• Systems for launching rigid and flexible umbilical (drums and tensioners).
• Systems of tension anchors for FPSO.
• Winches rotary and linear.
• Cranes.
• Equipment for the lifting of the piles.
• Hummers.
• Friction clamps for Tie-In and J-lay.
• Machinery for excavation of underground pipelines.
• Engines overhaul.



Calata Villa del Popolo – Interno Porto Napoli, 80133 Napoli
Tel. +39 081.19385020