Graziella Green Power, is the company through which Graziella Holding Srl operates in producing electricity from renewable sources. Today, with over 30 sites in operation, it is one of Italy’s largest producers of electrical power from solar panel.
Graziella Green Power is also involved in the development of geothermal energy, bioenergy and wind power systems and has an objective to strengthen its leadership in the coming years in producing energy from renewable sources.
In the geothermal sector, Graziella Green Power intends to use this renewable source by building, in suitable territories, advanced binary cycle, medium-enthalpy geothermal power plants of modest sizes and therefore low visual impact.
The binary cycle is the biggest guarantee of zero impact. In fact, the steam extracted, after generating electric current through the heat it contains, is reintroduced into the subsoil without emissions. In addition, in keeping with the corporate philosophy which pays utmost attention to local issues, Graziella Green Power intends to mainly use local workers, suppliers and materials as much as possible. In terms of production, the company’s goal is to install, by the year 2021, plants with a total capacity of 15 MW in Tuscany where it currently holds four exploration permits.

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